"[We] would like to take this opportunity to personally and sincerely thank you for helping our nephew, A____. There is no doubt in our minds that the combinations of your personal interest in A___ as well as your professionalism were truly instrumental in ensuring such a positive conclusion in this case. One can only hope that others may be as fortunate as A___ in similar circumstances - finding a true friend like you and getting a second chance." [C and P. C.]
"I will never forget the commitment you put towards my case. I remember spending (an) hour or more with you on your birthday [when I was in jail]. Also I remember you coming to see me on the 4th of July and the countless times you came to see me to perfect our presentation and your arguments. Henry You have a friend for life .... " [N.B.]
"Without your help, our family can not enjoy wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Thank you very much, and God bless you!" [Y. K.]